Wednesday, February 24, 2016

20 trendy clothing From Mango you can score for cheap @MangoAbuja with the #Nigerian Students & Youth Corpers Discount Card @Nsycdc

Skinny jeans | MANGOJeans | MANGO

Life just became easier for Nigerian students and youth corpers as  Mango Stores Abuja and the  #NSYCDC scheme by following theses simple steps 

1. New and current students during their academic year can apply and enrol for the NS&YC discount card all year round.2. Corp members when deployed to their respective states can apply and enrol for the NS&YC discount card when they are through with their 3 weeks orientation camp training.3. Once this card has been issued and activated, the bearer can purchase various brands of goods and services at a discounted price ranging from 5% to 50% discount depending on the service provider and product seller.4. The card will have a large number of local and National businesses offering discounts to NYSC members in Nigeria.  get your students discount card to access loads of pricey opportunities with the Nigerian students youth corpers discount

Printed flared dress | MANGODress | MANGOFitted metallic-effect dress | MANGOTextured message dress | MANGOShirt | MANGOBlouson | MANGOPrinted flowy shirt | MANGOChest-pockets silk shirt | MANGO

Black denim pinafore dress | MANGOFlowy dungarees | MANGO

Cotton long jumpsuit | MANGOPrinted cotton jeans | MANGO

Kim skinny push-up jeans | MANGOVent cotton dress | MANGO
Faux-leather shopper bag | MANGOSlit wrap skirt | MANGO

Tabbed suit trousers | MANGOSide slit dress | MANGODress | MANGO

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