Saturday, October 24, 2015

Horrified woman 'walks in on boyfriend having sex with her dog'

Matthew Ziolkowski
Matthew Ziolkowski: The man has been charged by officers who continue to investigate the case
A horrified woman walked into her bedroom only to find her boyfriend having sex with her DOG, according to police.
The unnamed woman was furious upon making the alleged discovery, demanding that her partner Matthew Ziolkowski leave the house.

Police in Sharpsburg, near Pittsburg, are investigating the woman's claims after she called 911 at 9am on Thursday.
Officers have charged Ziolkowski with sexual intercourse with an animal.
Ziolkowski has also been charged with animal cruelty.
Chris MurphyA woman went crazy when she walked into her own bedroom to find her boyfriend having sex with her dog - on her bed
On the scene: Police visited the home after the woman called 911
The man is currently in Allegheny County Jail, remanded on a $500,000 bond.
Cops have said that their investigation into the alleged animal sex offence is continuing.

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