Thursday, June 2, 2016

Leytonstone Tube stabbing trial: CCTV 'shows Muslim extremist following victim moments before trying to saw his head off'

CCTV footage shows a Muslim extremist who tried to behead a musician following his victim off the Tube just moments before trying to saw his head off, a court has heard.
Muhiddin Mire, 30, cut the throat of 56-year-old Lyle Zimmerman three days after the House of Commons debate on the bombing of ISIS in Syria , jurors were told today.
Mire, who has a history of mental illness, was allegedly "motivated by revenge" for the air strikes by the UK and coalition forces and was heard shouting: "This is for my Syrian brothers."
Jurors at the Old Bailey were today shown footage of the moment the crazed taxi driver followed Mr Zimmerman down the stairs at Leytonstone Tube station - before he is said to have launched an attack on him and other commuters.

Muhiddin Mire walking behind 56-year-old Lyle Zimmerman, who was carrying music equipment
Dressed in a khaki jacket and beige trousers, Mire is seen walking behind Mr Zimmerman, who had a guitar on his back, a mandolin in one hand, an amplifier in the other - and sporting cowboy boots.
The CCTV then shows Mire unzip his jacket and reach into his pocket.
Moments later he allegedly pulled a knife from his jacket and grabbed his victim from behind.
During the attack on December 5 last year, Mire is accused of kicking Mr Zimmerman six times to the head and chest, before he began sawing at his neck with a bread knife.
Muhiddin Mire, 30, as he walks behind 56-year-old Lyle Zimmerman
After the alleged attack, Mire was caught on CCTV fumbling in his pockets for his Oyster Card before tapping out at Leytonstone Tube, east London, to avoid a penalty charge.
Mire then made his way up to street level and tried to stab a Polish man, Daniel Bielinski, who was with his girlfriend.
Mr Bielinski dodged out of the way and filmed Mire on a mobile phone as the attacker lunged at other commuters, including Serena Valori, security guard Andrius Sabaliauskas, and lift engineer David Pethers.
Mire was Tasered three times by arresting officers before being brought to the ground.
Muhiddin Mire allegedly knifed Lyle Zimmerman in a revenge attack
As he was cuffed an onlooker shouted: 'You ain't no Muslim bruv'.
Officers were so concerned by the angry crowd gathering around Mire, they called for back up so he could safely be led to the waiting police car - one onlooker even threw a bottle at him.
In a statement, Mr Bielinski said Mire "seemed quite slow, as if he was lacking energy."
Mire admits wounding Zimmerman with intent and attempting to wound four others but denies attempted murder.
The trial continues.

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