Thursday, March 31, 2016

Watch Comrade Bimbo Daramola at a Round-table Talk for Entrepreneurs & Innovators‪#‎The‬ Power of Ideas - What do you have in your hand? @nsycdc

The Nigerian Student and Youth Corper Discount Card (NSYCDC) to be presented at the round-table Talk for Entrepreneurs in Lagos
An automated discount card with the capacity to subsidise expenses of serving members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and students in Nigerian tertiary institutions, known as Nigerian Student and Youth Corper Discount Card (NSYCDC), will be presented at the round-table Talk for Entrepreneurs holding in Lagos tomorrow.
The discount card, an initiative of The Bridge Concept, targeted at about 23 million Nigerian youths has been lauded as one that would go a long way in curbing the challenges faced by students and youth corps members.
Bimbo Daramola is a Geologist and Politician. He was one of the leading lights of the 7th National Assembly, having acquainted himself creditably, in his four years as a
Member of the House of Representatives of Nigeria.

Apart from the many progressive motions and interventions made, the highlight of his term in office was the donation of the privately-funded 32-bed Joan Taiwo Daramola Memorial Hospital.
He is the promoter of the Nigerian Student and Youth Corper Discount Card (NSYCDC), an automated discount card with the capacity to subsidise expenses of serving members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and students in Nigerian tertiary institutions.
Congressman Bimbo Daramola spoke  about this initiative at -ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT TALK 001

How do we say thank you?
Where do I even start with today's Enterprise Development Talk 001? Do I start with the audacity of the Africa Enterprise project itself? That must be for another day. Do I talk about the decision to host this event free of charge (at our own expense, that is) to bridge the yawning knowledge divide, even when the magazine project is still struggling to find its feet? That we will reserve for another day.
Tonight, we celebrate a truly successful event. We are fulfilled and enriched by the words of appreciation from the participants. We are glad to have been a platform for the exchange of ideas and contacts that took place today.
We started out wanting to organise a TEDx event, but the guys at TED had other ideas on how what we wanted ought to be done.I remember Ali Babasaying to me - Why not do your own thing? Does it have to be TED? Here we are - we did our own thing, in our own way - interactive and participatory, our own style, with a focus on our own needs. I dare say it turned out better than the TEDx could have been.
The first sign that today was going to be a beautiful one came with the grand entry of my Egbon, Taiwo Obe (TO), who, according to him, had only come to support one of his own - one of the many students who has benefited from the Journalism Clinic he runs. Even without prior notice,TO did not hesitate in taking up duty as Chairman of the day, when I asked that of him. He was so good at it, that the audience acknowledged him for his professionalism, appropriate sense of humour, knowledge and unobtrusive management of the proceedings. Thank you, Sir.
You plan an event with a number of big names on the list, sometime thinking that should any of them cancel at the last minute, you will still have a strong enough panel to make a success of the event . Ours was not the case. We were blessed beyond measure. We had a 100% turnout of Speakers. All my Ogas were present - Emeka OparahKolawole Oyeyemi,Edi LawaniBimbo Daramola,, Niyi Babade, Nurudeen Toba Tiamiyu were all present. In spite of the challenge of fuel scarcity and their busy schedules, they came, even when we did not pay and could not even afford to pay them. Our prayer is for God to exceed their expectations, in every area of their need, in his own extra-ordinary way.
As if that panel was not rich enough, the CEO of Sixth Sense, Tope Olagbegi, who was not able to confirm her participation early enough because of some technical glitch in our communication line, came on board to share her absolutely inspiring entrepreneurial journey (Watch out for that in the next edition of Africa Enterprise due to hit the stands in 2 weeks). Then, my Oga Adémólá Olúsúnmádé came with the icing on the cake.
My friends, Sola SalakoAkeem Oluwole Olaniyi AponmadeVictoria Praise AbrahamMichael Effiong NewAdeyinka Aderibigbe were fully on ground. A 3-man team from Skye Bank led by Nduneche Ezurike and Temitope Adewale were on hand. The Sunshine foundation Crew of Rose OdieteRarzack Olaegbe and Nsikak Daniels were there to lend support. We thank the great team at EKO FM/Radio Lagos under the able leadership of my friend and Sister, Funke Moore. Thanks for supporting this.
The AE crew led by Esese Isokun made things happen from the back-stage, delivering a hitch-free event.Thank you
It is only the beginning. But it is a good beginning. We plan to make this programme a quarterly one. We are truly grateful for today. To God be the glory.

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