After a quick breakfast, I decided to get a refill of champagne and sit on one of the many spacious couches lying around the lounge. As I made myself comfortable, the lounge assistant came over with my carry-on and put it next to me, without me even asking.
If you're looking to fly in style, it doesn’t get much better than a first-class suite aboard the iconic Emirates airline.
Travel blogger Sam Huangrecently cashed in his Alaska Airlines frequent-flyer miles for a $60,000 trip around the world, and luckily he took plenty of pictures documenting what it was like.
"Unlimited Dom Perignon, wild caviar, and a shower spa while flying 40,000 feet in the air — it's no wonder the Emirates First Class Suite is consistently named one of the best airline seats in the world," Huang writes over at his travel blog,TopMiles.
Huang's trip spanned 11 cities, seven countries, and five continents, and he managed to pay only $300 for the journey — in addition to cashing in his frequent-flyer miles — by taking advantage of a clever loophole when booking the trip. After checking with the airline, Business Insider can confirm that the booking was legitimate.

From getting to skip the boarding line and enter the plane through a private entrance, to fancy suites featuring automatic doors, shower access, and a seemingly endless supply of food and drinks, this is what it's like (in Huang's own words) to take a trip of a lifetime.